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How to Get the Most from Your Modern Garage

05/23/2016 Back To Blog

Building a modern garage

Everyone knows that sectional and single panel overhead doors are a bit traditional looking when it comes to picking a garage. There’s nothing wrong with a traditional look as it may vary from person to person. However, the roll-up style door has commanded a look and feel that sectional doors and single panel overhead doors just can’t compete with. Although all three types of doors do come in metal, the thought of metal slats stacked on top of one another creates a strong image that most people would consider futuristic. And, when it comes to garages, a complex door design is a reliable door every time. However, it can be difficult to convey a sense of home with a roll-up door, so here is a great way you can improvise with your door.How to Get the Most from Your Modern Garage

Garage remodeling tips

Most residential roll up garage doors lack an element of surprise. This is because metal slats often come in whatever anodized or anti-corrosive material their design dictates. The end result is far from inspiring and often too generic to feel modern. So, here are some things you can do to get a futuristic look out of any metal door. Add an LED light strip around the edges of your door and trigger it to light up as your door opens and closes. The ambient glow should enhance your garage just enough to make a powerful statement about who you are without getting too wacky. The best part is that you can adjust the color and intensity of most LED light strips to work exactly how you want them too. 

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