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It was such an easy problem

It's funny! Some terrible problems have easy solutions. When we noticed that our overhead door wouldn't close all the way, we knew that trouble was on its way. We started wondering what we would do if it starts raining, and how we could go out of the house leaving the door practically half open. Then, we discovered the number of Garage Door Repair Fruit Heights. We kept their business card and it was a blessing that we found it so easily. We gave them a call and explained our problem, and they reassured us that they would send someone over as soon as possible.

Indeed, one of their techs was in our garage checking the door no long after. He had the problem fixed in two minutes literally. We were both standing there looking desperate and watching the tech fixing something at our garage door opener unit. Two minutes later he announced that the problem was solved but he wanted to take another look of the system before leaving. It was impressive!

We Install and Repair Garage Door Parts Carefully

He explained that the force limit of our garage door just needed adjustment and that was it. We could do it ourselves and, in fact, he showed us how. This was very nice of him. We also appreciated that he devoted some more time to check the other opener parts and make sure everything worked fine. He actually opened and closed the door several times in order to be sure that the door would move all the way up and down. This was very thoughtful of him and we also liked that he told us to call back if we had the tiniest problem with either the opener or other garage door parts.

He made us feel comfortable, and it meant a lot to us. As a matter of fact, we did have some questions and could use some tips about similar small problems and we appreciated that he did give us plenty of tips and answered every one of our questions. Not that we'll ever try to repair the mechanism ourselves, but it's good to know a few things about your own door. The main thing is that he was willing to share his knowledge and spend some more time with us explaining things. Evidently, this was a sign of how professional they all are at this garage door company, and it's good to rely on professionals.

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Case Story | It was such an easy problem