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The best tips about garage doors, their openers and parts are found right here below

Make sure the sensors are aligned

The sensors are found at the two lower parts of the garage door and they can be easily misaligned. Make sure they're adjusted by moving them with your hands. The green and red lights must be on according to our professionals or entrapment cannot be prevented.

Don't repair garage door parts alone

Garage door repair is not as easy as it sounds. It involves risks since each garage door part has special needs, requires appropriate equipment, can be sharp or it can snap at some parts. Even the easiest task, like lubrication maintenance, can be done wrong with repercussions.

Get the right rollers

There are different garage door rollers in terms of materials. Rollers ought to be strong but also last for years despite the special circumstances in each area. Nylon rollers offer silence and don't erode. They're ideal for moisture, but if you want strong ones, our specialists suggest steel.

Request for a demo

You can ask a store to show you how the different door opener units you are considering are being operated. It may not be a demonstration with an actual door but you can request for visual guides so you can properly decide which model to get. This is not just about the aesthetics, as you also need to find something functionally suitable.

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