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Replacing Garage Doors

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While there are several types of residential garage doors that seem to withstand the test of time, almost any one of them will need to be replaced at some time during their life. The cost to replace these doors consists of several factors. These include garage door prices, the cost of labor, the cost of supplies, and the cost of debris removal. The price is also largely affected by whether the door is commercial or residential. Once you add up the costs, it can amount to a decent sum of money. However, it is important to remember the value that a garage door adds to the home. The right door can add visual appeal, property value, and safety to the home.Garage Door Repair And Replacement in Fruit Heights 24/7 Services


Garage Door Prices

The quality and type of residential or commercial garage door that you purchase will determine its price. Garage door prices can be on the lower or higher side in cost, depending on type, materials used, design, and quality. If you are choosing to purchase a steel door, the overall cost will most likely be effected by the grade of steel and whether or not the door is insulated. Quality steel doors are usually constructed using 24, 25, or a higher grade steel. When looking at steel doors, it is important to remember that the lower the number of grade is, the thicker the steel door will be. Another option is all glass, fiberglass, or aluminum doors. These are all in a similar price range and come with durable aluminum frames. When choosing one of these options, remember the pros and cons of the doors. Fiberglass and aluminum doors are relatively affordable, but fiberglass cracks easily and aluminum doors dent fairly easily. All glass doors have the disadvantage of breaking, however, they do not yellow over time. A third option for replacement garage doors is vinyl. Vinyl doors are a good choice because they are more dent-resistant than weaker steel and aluminum types. The final option for replacement doors is wood. There are three different types of wood doors; composite, appearance-grade, and custom. Composite wood doors tend to cost significantly less than custom made wooden doors.


Direct and Indirect Labor Costs

When calculating the total cost for garage door installation, you will also need to add the costs of installation services. These services can include the costs of labor, prices for job materials and supplies, and disposal of any debris, which may include your old garage door. The cost for labor will often be determined by the number of hours that are spent removing your old door, replacing it with a new door, and hauling away the old door and any debris. In addition to the labor cost, garage door companies charge for materials and supplies. The supplies often include connectors, fasteners, and adhesives, all of which are required to attach the new garage door. All of these factor in to the total cost for garage door replacement.

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