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Why We Trust Genie and Liftmaster

07/03/2015 Back To Blog

Quality has always been the focus of our work. When “Garage Door Repair Fruit Heights” undertakes to care for the garage door of a client, it gives full attention to all your needs. The secret of our superior work is our exceptional knowledge, training, and experience. These are main factors, which identify our business and highlight the abilities of our teams. At the same time, the quality of the products we order for our customers must be equally of highest caliber. When it comes to garage door openers, we trust Genie and Liftmaster. We have worked with these companies for years and have confidence that their products are manufactured with care, attention, and respect to the official requirements and the demands of consumers.

Why We Trust Genie and Liftmaster

Liftmaster and Genie invest in your safety and security

We trust Liftmaster for its quality and the dedication of its people to find innovative ideas and implement them with loyalty to the current needs of people and the basic requirements associated with their safety and security. We believe in Liftmaster because it has manufactured amazing products, its opener systems bear the seal of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute and its future seems to be even brighter. We trust this company because all efforts aim at enhancing the security and safety of people without neglecting their convenience. One benefit of the Liftmaster garage door is the monitor that informs you whether the door is closed or not from any location in the house. Furthermore, the laser parking accessory, assists locating where to park your car. The MyQ technology, open and closes the door even if you are on a trip far away. Your Liftmaster door opener will still work with rolling codes and some have security+ 2 technology in order to cover twice the range of possible frequency interference.

When it comes to Genie openers, we promise you peace of mind. We have vast experience with the products of the Genie Company and recommend them to our customers. They possess the finest qualities and strengths. Genie produces openers for all demands and places attention on the safety and security of people. With the safe T-beams sensors incorporated in each opener system, you can be sure that Genie is fully compliant with the UL 325 requirements. Its patented intellicode technology for encrypted rolling of codes each time you press the clicker is amazing. Its newest Closed Confirm clicker, which will flash and beep in order to notify you whether the door is closed properly or not, is one more way for the company to prove that all new products aim at reinforcing security and ingenuity. We believe in such efforts, applaud, and support them because we want maximum convenience, security, and safety for our clients, too. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

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